Sunday, June 21, 2009


At last I have managed to set up a blogspot for myself (and for you) all by myself. I'm so proud. Over the next few weeks I'll transfer many of the stories of my life that I have been writing over the past couple of years. With any luck, I'll write some more as time goes by.

Meanwhile, I invite you to peruse, enjoy and, if you feel like it, comment on these stories. I look forward to your feedback.

Oh, one last thing: I have chosen the signature Huggy as this is what my old Sydney Grammar pupils christened me. No, not while I was teaching them, but much later when I began drinking with them. Maybe I'll expand on that one day.




  1. Well done, "huggy", we look forward to reading more of our family history and of course your adventures. Great work. Chris & Sue.

  2. Hugh,
    A great read, more soon please!
    Small world, six degrees of separation etc, but was that Jimmy Gordon the same James(Jamie, Jimmy) Gordon I know?
    His parents were Scottish and he was raised in Sydney, somewhere.
    He lives at 42 Yarranabee Rd Darling Point and has a business called James Gordon Workshop.
    Google it.
    James Hunter